This is Us

A religious community, an ecumenical endeavor, a Celtic spirit

WE ARE anamchara fellowship

An inclusive community, welcoming all people; clergy and lay, married, single, or partners in a committed relationship. Members of the fellowship may live in their own homes or in groups as the ability for that arises. Each member must be self- supporting, and we are bound to each other by common ideals and a commitment to prayer and service.


A vowed member of the fellowship


The Companions of Anamchara Fellowship are fellow Christians, lay or ordained, who desire to connect themselves with the Sisters, Brothers, and Siblings of Anamchara Fellowship, but do not feel called to the vowed life of a Religious. They work for the advancement of their own spiritual lives, and to further their own interests and those of Anamchara Fellowship in general.

Companions will be external members of the Fellowship, with voice but no vote concerning the governance of the Community, and they will be an integral part of the prayer life of the Brothers, Sisters, Siblings, and other Companions.

It is expected that the Companions will seek to grow in the charisms of generosity, hospitality, compassion and love, and in Christ’s own spirit of prayer and devotion, upholding the virtues of Simplicity, Fidelity and Obedience.

The purpose of the Companions is to be a supportive body spiritually and (as they are able) financially to the Fellowship. They are to promote the Fellowship to the wider Church and to promote the Religious Life in its various manifestations. As they are able, Companions will work alongside members of the Fellowship in their ministries, as well as service activities supported by the Fellowship.


A regional group of members and/or companions within the fellowship based on geographical location. Each priory gathers on a consistent basis.