Our Prayer Life

Anamchara Fellowship

Daily Prayer

Bless and enlighten our journeys, O Lord. May the Triune of our strength lead us deeper into the heart of your perfect will. Grant us grace as we grow in the spirit of hospitality, generosity, compassion and love. May our vows of simplicity, fidelity and obedience draw us ever closer to you and to each other and may our lives bear witness to the Kingdom of God. In Jesus’ Name we pray, Amen.

Celtic Daily Prayer

Prayer is the foundation of all Religious Life. It is from this basis that our life and ministry flow. Lack of attention to prayer will eventually weaken ministry and cause one to stumble on the journey. “Do not practice long drawn out devotions, but rather give yourself to prayer at intervals as you would to food. Pious humbug is an invention of the devil.” (Rule of Conghall, 8th century). Where two or more members of the Fellowship are gathered there shall be some form of common worship. This worship will include the reading of Scripture and/ or a writing from the Tradition, praise, silence, thanksgiving, blessing, intercession and confession. Members of the Fellowship who belong to liturgically oriented churches should seek to support and attend celebrations of the Eucharist and the Divine Office as often as possible. As a matter of continuity and fraternal spirit, the use of The Celtic Prayer Book of the Northumbria Community shall be used for at least one office per day. This book contains forms for four (4) daily monastic hours: Morning Prayer, Noon Prayer, Evening Prayer and Compline or Night Prayer. Members will pray, at a minimum, Morning or Evening Prayer in addition to Compline daily. All members will support and participate regularly in a local worship community of their tradition. Members will endeavor to make time for daily reflection and intercession of at least 15 minutes each in the morning and evening. If able to spend more time in meditative prayer, or to take time during the course of the day, it is to be encouraged. Daily examen is an aide to spiritual growth. The Litany of Penance from the Ash Wednesday Service in the Book of Common Prayer is helpful for this. If sacramental confession is desired, remember that it is not to become a mechanical ritual, but a true desire for metanoia. Members will endeavor to pray through the complete Psalter once a quarter, or if able once per month.

Daily prayer