A new expression of monasticism

Anamchara Fellowship

An inclusive community, welcoming men and women, clergy and lay, married, single, or partners in a committed relationship. Members of the fellowship may live in their own homes or in groups as the ability for that arises. Each member must be self- supporting, and we are bound to each other by common ideals and a commitment to prayer and service.

Our Witness

Who We Are

Founded in the tradition of the Episcopal Church, with a Celtic spirit. Anamchara Fellowship has received canonical recognition by the

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Ministry, Tithing, and Almsgiving

Daily life should be lived in a spirit of blessing and generosity. To offer a blessing to each person you

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Our Prayer Life

Prayer is the foundation of all Religious Life. It is from this basis that our life and ministry flow. Lack

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Our Vows

The vows are made to God, in the presence of witnesses, received by the ecclesiastical authority of the member’s denomination.

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Our Guidelines and Ideals

The Purpose: The members of The Anamchara Fellowship commit to pursue a consecrated life, lived either together in community or

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What is Anamchara

Anamchara is a Gaelic word for “soul friend”. It was the style of formation given to a new monk or

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